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Water Solutions
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Waste Water Treatment
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Biozone offers high-quality products and aftermarket services for air/water system requirements. Biozone also offers design-build solutions for clean air & water processing through Biozone Manufacturing Systems.

Ozone Repair And Manufacturing

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Engineering Services

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Biozone Manufacturing supports a vast sector of industries by providing solutions for their water, air and decontamination needs.

These industries include agriculture, beverage, chemical, domestic, food, environmental, pharmaceutical and many others. 


A variety of fully packaged engineering solutions are available from Biozone to provide clean water to abattoirs, vineyards, and even fruit orchards.


Biozone uses top-of-the-line materials that can tolerate solvents of variable viscosity, corrosiveness, and abrasiveness to provide maximum dependability and longevity for these demanding applications.


Our specialist knowledge satisfies the needs for handling brackish water, mine water, and industrial effluent water.

Food & Beverage

We take great pride in offering systems that target desanitisation of surfaces for food, drink, as well as domestic and farm animal feeds.


Systems from Biozone are utilised in a variety of industrial processes, such as machining, molding, packing, coating, and textile production.


Due to the considerable risk involved in pharmaceutical applications, Biozone gives safety a special focus by supplying high-performance components that adhere to stringent specifications.

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