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Customised engineered solutions.

Harness Nature's Technology to provide disinfection and oxidation solutions.

After Market Services

Customers can use preventative maintenance plans to keep their systems performing well over the long run.

Expert Technicians

Our engineers have the skills necessary to swiftly and easily identify potential system problems, choose the best line of action for troubleshooting or maintenance.

Quality Services

The team at Biozone are motivated and skilled and they exclusively use cutting edge tested technology.

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Biozone is committed!

Always delivering more than expected.

The Biozone team provides the finest service for the design and implementation of air and water purification using ozone and UV treatment. We use technology to enable the natural purification and sanitation procedures, without harmful chemicals. Through various strategic partnerships, Biozone can secure the best process engineers for a complete design. Simultaneously, the Biozone business team uses creative and well-defined management methodologies to ensure well-defined business and project objectives, strategies and risks.
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Most experienced in Africa

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Offer proven technology

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Experienced driven team

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Support for large-scale projects

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Internationally trained technicians

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Disinfection and oxidation solutions

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Level 2 B-BBEE Status

Industry Solutions

Manganese In Water

Oxidise iron/manganese in water

Borehole Water | River Water | Dam Water | Domestic Water | Municipal Water.

Decontamination with ozone gas

Schools | Offices | Factories | Containers | Mortuaries | Buses | Taxis | Ambulances.

Disinfection without chlorine

Bottling Plants | Koi Ponds | Aquariums | Spa's | Beauty Salons | Swimming Pools.
Unwanted Smells

Removal of unwanted smells

Hotel Rooms | Smoking Areas| Garbage Areas | Lift Wells | Mortuaries | Fat Rendering Plants | Casinos | Hotels | Abattoirs.
Waste Water Recycling

Waste Water Recycling

Factories | Sewerage Treatment Plants | Waste Water | Water Bottling Plants | Potable Water | Brakish Water.

Maintain germ and virus free indoor air

Schools | Offices | Factories | Containers | Mortuaries | Buses | Taxis | Ambulances | Casinos | Hotels.

Harness Nature's Technology For Your Air And Water Treatment Solutions