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Healthy clean oxygenated water is essential for plant growth and to maintain healthy soils.

At the same time organic chemical free practices are becoming more popular for obvious reasons.

Algae build up in irrigation piping, nozzles and drip!

E. Coli, cryptosporidium, guardia, iron, calcium (water hardness)... all create havoc in plant
growth and subsequent storage or preparation.

Biozone Manufacturing E.Coli Treatment

The single most important and critical supply for healthy crops is healthy, safe, clean water.

Stagnant water supply from dams or boreholes can be remedied by using oxygen in the form of nanoBubbles. 

Bacteria, algae or viruses, can be eliminated with the use of “supercharged oxygen” or ozone. 

Biozone Manufacturing (BM) are experts in this field and can recommend and supply supportive filtration or other technologies such as RO or AFM. 

Here are some ways that

Biozone Manufacturing can assist the agriculture sector
in overcoming its problems with water pollution

Each client’s unique demands may be met by tailor made solutions, ensuring optimum growth and healthy soils.

To find out more about our solutions and how we can help your agriculture application, speak with one of our experts to Harness Nature’s Technology!

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