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Air Quality with Airzone Giai Air Purifier

The Airzone Giai Air Purifier uses Hepa filter technology and Optional ozone to purify the air in Homes, Offices, Waiting Rooms, Dispatch and Call Centres, Boardrooms and Doctor’s Surgeries.

Four layers of HEPA filters take out particles from the air, including pollen and dust, up to .0001 mm.

Prevent cross-contamination of airborne diseases such as flu and tuberculosis in the office or home.

The Ozone function enables the deodorisation of smoke and other smells, which makes it suitable for Smoking rooms or areas.

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  • The Airzone Giai Air Purifier will cover an office area of 80 square metres

    • Removes smoke odours in the room or from clothing, furnishings and carpets
    • It will remove bacteria, germs, and viruses in the indoor air and will eliminate micro-organisms.and surfaces
    • Discourages dust mites, pet dander & cockroaches by killing the bacteria which they are attracted to.
    • Enriches the air with oxygen and negative ions to improve improve indoor air quality.