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Another Benefit Of Using Ozone in Pools and Spas

Another Benefit Of Using An Ozone Generator In Your Pool

Reducing Amount Of Time And Money Spent On A Water-line Deposits Cleaning With Ozone.

There are no visible biofilm deposits on the water-line of the test swimming pool, which is treated with Ozone and no other chemicals. It has been 3 months with no cleaning of the water-line of this heavily used Ozone-only treated swimming pool. It has been used mainly by children who took no showers, wore a lot of sun block cream, etc., and no ugly yellow-brown deposits visible.

I have been so accustomed to seeing an ugly biofilm on the water-line of chlorine treated pools that are not regularly cleaned, that it really surprised me when I saw there was none if it in an Ozone treated pool. It makes me think about all this time and money wasted on chlorine treated swimming pools’ water-line cleaning.

One of the large outdoor water parks that implemented ozone together with chlorine (as required by local government regulations) reported to me that the first benefit they had noticed in their park pools is absence of ugly brown deposits on the water line.

Obviously people who are familiar with ozone are fully aware that ozone is considerably stronger and faster acting oxidizer than any commercially available today (despite fairy tales you hear from local health authorities influenced by chlorine lobby) and that means that you require considerably lower concentrations of ozone to do the same or better job than chlorine does or better.

Reducing Amount Of Time And Money Spent On A Water-line Deposits Cleaning With Ozone.

I.e. To prevent bio-film formation on a water-line in a swimming pool you require chlorine concentration which normally are not healthy for bathers, unpleasant and negatively effect their skin. Ozone, according to studies done on the subject prevents bio-film formation at concentration of 0.04 ppm that is hardly detectable. That is why implementing ozone in swimming pools water treatment even with chlorine as primary disinfectant not only significantly reduces amount of money spent on water-line deposit cleaning, but greatly improves how swimming pool water looks and significantly reduces chloramines (chlorine smell) in the pool