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The answer to those smelly problems in a hotel room

Ozone Deodorising

Housekeepers face many challenges everyday, but one of the most problematic, and unpleasant, is eliminating those strange and foul smells in hotel rooms and other areas.

A new, innovative and entirely natural solution is now available to housekeepers in South Africa to provide an instant and highly effective solution to those smelly problems. Used extensively worldwide, Ozone gas not only deodorises, but also offers some surprising additional benefits.

The answer to those smelly problems

Ozone Hotel Room Deodorising

One of the worst nightmares faced by housekeepers is to open a room door and to be confronted with an overpowering and awful smell, particularly if the room will be occupied again in a few hours.

The source of the odour could be a guest that has smoked in a room, leaving everything from the curtains to the linen seeped in smoky odours, or someone that was sick or spilt something on the carpet. Perhaps the room has just been given a fresh coat of paint. Worse yet, the source could be unidentifiable!

But regardless of the source, the room must be ready to receive guests and the housekeeper must find a solution! Masking the odour is simply not effective – the source of the smell must be eliminated – and this must be done without using a harmful perfume or chemical.

The solution is to use Ozone gas to eliminate the source of the smell. But where to find and how to administer Ozone gas in a room or affected area?

Portable Ozone generators, available from Ozone Solutions, are used worldwide to deodorise rooms in 20 minutes or less. A shock treatment can be applied to a room to deodorise linen, clothing, beds, carpets, curtains and furniture to eliminate any smells to enable immediate occupation.

Ozone (O3) is a natural gas with three oxygen atoms, and it is also called the “Super Charged Oxygen” as it is created by a high electrical charge. Ozone is an extremely strong oxidant, which reverts back to harmless oxygen (O2) after it has done its oxidising job. Ozone neutralises the actual micro-organisms that cause the bad odour thereby creating a totally sanitised environment.
There are also a few surprising and very welcome additional benefits. Being a gas, Ozone can reach inaccessible areas frequently missed by other cleaning techniques. Ozone applied properly can oxidise 99.9% of any bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and pollen in the air or water. This means that any insects like moths and dust mites will be deterred or killed. Ozone reduces hay fever symptoms and helps to prevent the spread of viruses like flu and other airborne diseases.

This solution is ideal and completely safe for all areas in your establishment. From the guest rooms, to the public bathrooms, kitchen, smoking areas, garbage or refuse areas, drains, cold rooms and cellars, the portable Ozone generators or wall mounted units are the deodorising and sanitising answer to many a harried housekeeper’s odour problems.