Biozone Manufacturing

The disinfection and mineral oxidation of water and wastewater

By Harnessing Nature’s technology we're able to transform bore hole water, waste water or any ground source water into drinkable, healthy water safe for human and animal consumption. By using ozone and bioremediation technology combined with years of experience, we're able to make drinkable water a reality for many. Changing crops and lives with the purification of water, using less harmful chemicals

Aquazone is focused on the disinfection and mineral oxidation of water and wastewater and using ozonated water as a germicidal antibacterial rinse with zero harmful residue.

  • Bacteria – all known, including iron bacteria
  • Minerals – inorganics, dyes and others
  • Metals – iron, manganese and many others
  • Organics – colour, algae and other carbon compounds
  • Protozoans – all known, including cryptosporidium, giardia and all amoebae viruses
  • BOD and COD – reacts quickly, as ozone is an active form of oxygen
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How does Aquazone work?

  • Oxidise iron and/or manganese found in borehole, river or dam water
  • Treatment and recycling of wastewater and process water for reuse as a fresh food antibacterial rinse
  • Removal of organic and inorganic compounds
  • Removal of micro-pollutants, such as pesticides
  • Enhancement of the flocculation/coagulation decantation process
  • Odour and taste elimination
  • Treatment and recycling of wastewater and process water for refuse
  • Treat and recycle wastewater and process water from factories, sewage plants and more
  • Disinfection of water without the use of chlorine
  • Assist in the disinfection of wine and water bottle filling plants, factory water, pharmaceutical plants, koi ponds, aquariums and swimming pools

Top-selling Aquazone products

Ozone generators

Oxygen generators provide oxygen to the ozone generator thereby producing highly concentrated ozone gas. Aquazone ozone generators can be applied to venturi, injection, diffuser systems and contact chambers for efficient introduction of ozone gas into water for disinfection or oxidation. They are easy to operate and combine compact construction with effective ozone production. High-quality materials, as well as careful processing and assembling of the individual elements, provide devices of reliable operation and long service life. They are suitable for home and commercial use.
Aquazone water treatment solutions
Midi BioBubbler 2

BioBubbler water tank treatment

The Aquazone BioBubbler is a simple solution for water tank disinfection or oxidation. Installation and maintenance requirements are minimal and are suited to DIY users with a technical aptitude. The BioBubbler is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor applications. Functions include:

  • Bubble ozone gas into a tank containing water through a diffuser stone
  • Aerate and freshen stale water
  • Kill E. coli and other bacteria continuously
  • Oxidise iron, manganese and tannins
  • Oxidise hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
  • Remove smells

Ozone gas water treatment accessories

Including oxygen PSA generator, diffuser/venturi mixing systems, contact chamber, air dryers, ORP/ozone measurement and ozone destructors.

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