Biozone Manufacturing


Biozone Ozone Generator machines produce guaranteed ozone output connected to Aquazone venturi or Airzone diffuser delivery systems for best results.

Bubble or suck ozone gas in to a pipeline with Aquazone BioBubbler or Venturi system or introduce using the Airzone Ecoblaster or Delta system in to a cold room, container or vacant room

  • Experience in quality Ozone generators manufacturing, repairing, installing, maintaining and servicing over the last 25 years.
  • Owners of Airzone and Aquazone ozone systems are guaranteed top quality systems with a full backup and service.
  •  Expert advice for designing, operating, repairing or upgrading ozone plants easily available at all times.
  • Top quality
  • Minimum maintenance 
  • Easily repaired.
  • High reliability even in harsh environments.
  • Improved service life of the power supply unit. 
  • Operating at lower temperatures
  • Long life Capacitor.
  • Removable ozone generator tubes for cleaning or replacement
  • Modular power pack and ozone tubes for replacement or upgrading
  • Internal ozone resistant parts
  • Sealed power supply unit. 
  • Large air flow cooling fan systems to cool down the ozone reacting tube, cell and power pack
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevention against dust accumulation
  • Protection from ozone leaks on the power supply
  • Safe protection from overheating components
  • Ozone production at low temperatures
  • Power supply unit over voltage protection.