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Industries can replace heat or steam treatment, industrial noxious gases and waste effluent with ozone and save electricity and labour while protecting the environment.

The world is aware that there are only so many resources it can support an expanding population, and that our consumption levels are unsustainable.

The urgent need to stop and limit the negative effects of industry’s byproducts while maintaining healthy lives has given Biozone Manufacturing the opportunity to present ecologically friendly, chemical-free solutions based on experience.

Harness Nature's Technology

Reduce costs, create a more sustainable company, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Since 1995, Biozone Manufacturing has made significant investments in researching, testing, and locating the ideal set of tools and parts.

 Along with having a track record of successfully delivering technology that effectively filters air, water, and effluent to the highest standards and safety levels, Biozone has practical experience installing and operating ozone and oxygen equipment in a variety of applications.

Global water treatment facilities have already modified their infrastructure to use ozone instead of toxic chlorine for disinfection. Ozone is equally powerful at oxidising hazardous substances like iron and manganese, which are frequently produced as a byproduct of industrialisation. All of this is accomplished without causing any lasting environmental harm.

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