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OZONE IN POOLS FAQ’S Q &A’S Frequently asked Questions and Answers Q1.  Why  ozonise  /  ozonate  my  pool  or  spa? A.  1. a.  Generally  pool owners  who are concerned  about harmful effects  of chlorine will be interested  in converting  from chlorine or  chemicals systems and/or  salt chlorinators. In  particular  heated pools  or spas with chlorine  disinfectant systems can  be harmful as the skin pores …

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Ozone In Swimming Pools

Go top this link for FAQ’s for ozone in Pools  https://www.biozone.co.za/faq-ozone-in-pools/ GetOzone offer the Aquazone Range of Atmospheric Air fed Corona Ozone Generators which are ideal for Residential and larger swimming pools. The Aquazone Basic units  have no Flow metre or Air driers which are included in the Aquazone Advanced range. Why Ozone? Ozone  works 3000 …

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Swimming Pool Ozone Generator Install & Maintain

AQUAZONE POOL OZONE GENERATOR INSTALLING AND MAINTAINING  Swimming pool ozone generators are designed to produce ozone at adequate levels of ozone to keep your pool bacteria and virus free. In most instances, no additional sanitizer is required. Pools however differ in sizes, type and location. As a result, the ozone demand may be different for …

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