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Nanofiltration In Water Treatment

Our nanofiltration solution offers precise and efficient water treatment, specifically targeting challenges such as hard water and wastewater remediation. Unlike traditional methods, nanofiltration removes contaminants like heavy metals and hardness-causing ions while preserving essential minerals, ensuring safe and clean water.

Key Features:

  1. Stand Alone Capability: Designed for remote or rural areas, our system operates independently of municipal infrastructure, providing reliable water treatment anywhere.

Natural Bio Processes: By harnessing natural bio processes, our system eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Return on Investment: Our solution offers a significant return on investment by eliminating costly disposal practices and providing cost-effective water treatment solutions for remote areas and mines.

Selective Ion Removal:

Nanofiltration’s unique membrane selectively removes di and trivalent ions, making it ideal for applications where softening and selective ion removal are essential.

Fouling and Scaling Mitigation:

Our system’s resistance to fouling and scaling reduces the need for extensive pre-treatment, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for various water and wastewater treatment applications.

Beyond Water Treatment:

Nanofiltration extends its benefits beyond water treatment, finding applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, dairy, textiles, and bakeries.

Nanofiltration in Water Treatment Case Study:

Nanofiltration Water Treatment Purification System - Eastplats Crocodile Mine
Nanofiltration Purification System – Eastplats Crocodile Mine

Learn how Biozone Manufacturing implemented nanofiltration at a platinum mine, solving water treatment challenges effectively and sustainably.

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