Biozone Manufacturing

Ozone Smoke & Fire Smell Removal

By blowing ozone gas in to an area which has been contaminated after a fire the smell will be removed completely including fabrics and clothes

Ask yourself these questions and see where you can use an Ozone Generator

  • Is the odor coming from an item that has burned and is damaged but has not been thrown away or taken out of the structure?
  • Does the aroma of your home have that hint of fire/smoke odor from an extensive fire down the road?
  • Did you have a garage fire which left no soot residue in the living areas?
  • Does the cooking fire that left no residue smell like the food or more like a toxic metal odor that makes you tear up due to the severity of the odor?
  • Is there a residue and charred problem?
  • Has the soot been cleaned up?
  • Did any plastic burn leaving an irritating odor to the throat or eyes?
  • Is the odor more of a Nicotine, tobacco or illegal drug odor?
  • Is the odor more of a burnt rubber odor?
  • Is the odor more of a burnt hair smell?

Odour Elimination

  • Locate where the odor is the strongest. If what you see is damaged due to excessive heat. It needs to be removed.
  • If that is impossible, then a sealer (clear-Urethane or white – Shellac) needs to be applied to keep the item from emitting excessive bad odor into the structure.
  • Be careful, soot residue is the result of a chemical reaction during the fire. This means that any flat base paint or non-sealed (porous) item such as most lamp shades need a dry chemical sponge (purchased on line) cleaning prior to using liquid soot cleaners. This dry cleaning process prevents an ugly visible streaking that would otherwise permanently set into the paint or item being cleaned.
  • Sooty or walls with a residue need to be cleaned, deodorized or sanitized.
  • The odor has penetrated into the paint, wall paper, wood, fabric or all porous parts of the dwelling. An Ozone Generator should be purchased or rented to finalize the destruction of the carbon or any other Air-born odor molecules.
  • Removable contents should be shocked with a high level of Ozone in a confined space, depending on the severity of the odor.
  • Confining the odor area & using an ozone generator is the most effective way.
  • Call Ozone Solutions to help you determine the most economical ozone generator for your situation, or any other questions you might have.