Biozone Manufacturing

Pollution prevention and control


To clean waste materials safely

The time has come to play your part in saving the world from over exploitation, whilst becoming aware of your environment around you. Clear your conscience. There are alternatives to waste disposal that can save you time and money. 

It is possible to conserve and look after our environment whilst also increasing your profits and easing your mind and conscience.

Every industry has waste, and it takes a lot of energy, time, and cost to dispose of it.


We can Harness Nature’s Technology through the correct implementation of Ozone solutions. Dispose of waste and recycle wastewater, by replacing fossil energy, hungry steam, and power gobbling incinerator plants. Replace this with ozone to save costs, save time and save the planet

Carbon Credits 2
Carbon Credits 1

There is an organic answer to dispose of waste, and it saves you time and money.

  • People burn waste, using up precious fossil fuels, which pollute the air and they add extra costs to their daily operations
  • There is a better way to dispose of waste and to save the environment as well as your profits in the long run
  • It’s been a well-kept secret for too long but the average middle-class South African generates 16 tons of Co2 a year. This is done through driving, shopping, using electricity, and gas at home
  • To put that into perspective, you would generate one ton of Co2 by driving your average 9km/litre car from Johannesburg to Cape Town and back

What is A Carbon Credit?


Carbon credits are awarded to businesses who care for the environment. It’s a measurement of how much good you do and is awarded when you do less damage, it’s also a currency that your customers will care about. A carbon credit represents one metric ton of carbon emissions that are avoided by completing an activity in a less carbon intensive way.



This process requires a third-party auditor to come and inspect the Wind or Solar Farm to ensure it has generated and sold renewable energy which results in avoidance of Carbon Dioxide in line with International Protocols. Carbon credits are issued by the VCS registry based on the opinion of a third-party auditor and their quality checks. Both organisations are leaders in their fields. Carbon Credits are ‘created’ when Registry confirms avoidance of Greenhouse Gas by the project and issues this ‘redit’.



Once an individual or business purchases a Carbon Credit, a voluntary retirement of that credit on behalf of the individual or business partner is completed


Benefits of Carbon Credits


Your staff will thank you; your budget will thank you and more importantly your customers will notice!



How Biozone Can Help You


  • Leverage Ozone’s oxidation capabilities
  • Replace the wasted energy
  • Professionally install and manage the Ozone solutions
  • Effectively project manage the installation, so you have little to no down time


If your business wants more Carbon Credits and a better customer perception of your business, we’re here to help you change the game and better the earth!