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Ozone Mould Treatment Preventing Mould On Cut Bananas

Peru: 8,000 organic banana producers will apply Ozone Mould Treatment

Cut bananas mould stop with ozone
Cut bananas mould stop with ozone

Nearly eight thousand organic banana producers from the regions of La Libertad, Tumbes, Piura and Lambayeque, who receive training from the CEDEPAS North Center for Innovation and Technological Transfer (CITE), will benefit from the application of ozone technology in the washing and packing stages of this fruit.

The technology favors the safety of the product, as it helps prevent the development of fungi, mold, and bacteria that is responsible for the deterioration of organic bananas.

The research of this ozone technology in organic bananas in the northern regions was carried out by the agricultural CITE.

“Ozone technology is relatively new in the food industry sector. Ozone is an oxygen molecule (O2), to which we add an oxygen atom so it becomes O3. This technology guarantees the innocuousness of fresh products, allowing producers to achieve optimum quality levels throughout the commercial logistic operation,” stated the innovation specialist of Cedepas North in Piura, Karlhos Quinde Rodriguez.

“When a bunch of bananas is cut, its crown is left with wounds that are susceptible to fungi, mold, and bacteria, if the crown doesn’t heal well. Rotting of the crown is one of the most frequent problems and reasons for rejection of the product at destination,” stated Quinde Rodriguez.

The ozone technology will guarantee the cleanliness and quality of the fruit, he said. In addition, it will prevent rejections at destination, which will improve the producers’ profitability, he added.

The executive director of Cedepas North – Piura, Yerlly Gumez Montalvan, said that the research carried out by the CITE had been done in partnership with the National University of Piura.

Source: larepublica.pe