Biozone Manufacturing

Purified Water Refill Systems With Ozone

Treated drinking water systems for retail outlets, garage forecourts, restaurants and remote hotels. Refill bottles or garafes with purified ozonated fresh water. Point of sale, kitchen based or Retail kiosk bottle fill or refill systems.

Pure drinking water

Ozone Solutions have been ozone and ultraviolet disinfection specialists in South Africa for the last 17 years and have supplied large plants to Municipalities and industrial customers as well as smaller plants for domestic and commercial uses throughout Southern Africa.
In recent years the market for bottled and filtered water has increased dramatically.

The trend throughout the world is to not drink water from the tap no matter how good a quality the water is, even in first world municipalities.

Even when seated at a restaurant bottled water is placed in front of you and this could be the patrons own purified filtered tap water rather than purchased bottled water.
Although filtration and bottling systems are available ( supplied by OSI) the element of technical support and marketing or business concepts for the selling of self bottled and/or refill water for the retailers has been missing.

The well known and experienced OS team adapt the “aquazone” brand with new and fresh ideas to take advantage of the obvious market potential.

 Customised filler stations and customer determined branding will enable end users/ retailers to be assured of a high quality product and water for their clients or staff, complete with technical and marketing support and business models to ensure sustainable profit making opportunities for retailers and OSI.