Biozone Manufacturing

Rainwater harvest systems

With the current water shortages it makes sense for homes and businesses to collect rainwater from their roofs and reuse this to water gardens, fill the swimming pool or with clever plumbing and filtration, reintroduce to the home or office for flushing toilets, showers, washing etc. Although it is possible to treat the rainwater to drinking water standards this is not recommended unless there is strict daily supervision and monitoring of the water treatment plant and facility. Although ozone and UV will effectively disinfect who is to say that something hasn’t happened in a normal household which renders the disinfection system inoperable.

The first step for interested water savers is to request a site evaluation where roofing and gutters will be assessed for collection and saving capabilities and then space for storage tanks and the type of filtration plant. You could say that one could use the swimming pool for water storage but seeing as the pool will invariably be chlorinated this water will not be suitable for irrigation. The same thing goes for backwashing a pool.

Unless of course ozone or UV is used and this is where Ozone Solutions can play a role. If there is minimal chlorine in your swimming pool backwash because you have been using ozone in the pool, this can be safely used for irrigation.

Pay us to do a site evaluation, the cost of which will come off the cost of the system should you wish to proceed and then you will have some sort of idea of what can be done and how much this will save you.

Don’t expect any great monetary savings though….Even if you have 5000 litres storage this amount of saving on Municipal water will be minimal…but at least you can water your plants or wash your car!!!