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Starting a water bottle business Images and video 1

Starting a Bottled Water Business

Biozone Manufacturing has a successful track record spanning 25 years in the bottled water and filling plant business. If you are interested starting a bottled water business in South Africa call Biozone manufacturing.

Automated bottling water production line.

Whether you want to bottle municipal or borehole water from your garage or in a factory or whether you require an automated water bottling plant we have all the answers. 

Reverse osmosis systems and UV sterilisers are just two of the home water filtration systems capable of removing contaminants and hazardous bacteria from your water that Biozone Manufacturing can provide.

If you’re interested in expanding your current bottled water business or require a water bottling machine price in South Africa, we’ll need you to provide us with a water analysis of the raw water and the size of bottles you intend filling. As well as an idea as to how much bottled water you would like to sell per day, per week or per month.

Starting a water bottle business Images and video 1
Automated bottle filling production line.

No matter your situation, it is well worth Harnessing Nature’s Technology and giving Biozone Manufacturing a chance to show you what we can do.

Services offered:

We can offer remote monitoring of your treated water, pH levels and filter status so that you can monitor your business remotely from anywhere. Biozone can also provide a bottled water business plan that can be used as a model to present to potential investors/partners or to your bank.

Being compliant is essential if you are in the bottled water business. The South African National Standard (SANS) 241 requires that your plant will pass an inspection by health authorities. Your bottled water should be deemed suitable for consumption and comply with all quality requirements.

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Final product quality control.

There are many water business opportunities in South Africa which Biozone Manufacturing is in a good position to support you on. This could be in both bottled water and commercial or industrial water purifying equipment, such as those used in the hospitality and medical sectors.

Biozone Manufacturing is dedicated to assisting you in achieving success. By giving you the best water filtration systems, bottling equipment, and water purification equipment for your business, as well as professional guidance and support at every turn.

Harness Nature’s Technology and build a successful water business with the experts!

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Borehole Water Association
Biozone are proud members of the Borehole Water Association. Our certificate can be viewed here.