APRIL 2023
The importance of being off the
Biozone is able to assist with the process of installing a borehole.
The process of installing a
Just one phone call and you’ll
be off the grid!
The influence of clean water on
Once you have decided to
invest in your very own private
borehole, the first decision that
needs to be made is to
determine where to drill. This
may seem overwhelming as
there are many factors to
consider, but the Biozone team
is here to assist by providing
their expert advice after
evaluating your location and
an in-depth analysis of the
water quality.
Our team of experts will
guide you through the
available drilling options
whilst taking care of all
construction needs,
ensuring that the process
is successful and the
borehole is fully functional.
Our resources are precious and
becoming self-sufficient is a
growing concern in South Africa, as
well as many other parts of the
The advantages of
nanotechnology for water
Biozone's latest projects and
Biozone is helping individuals and businesses to recognise
groundwater's contribution to the overall water supply issue. Due to
the constant changes in climate, inconsistent rainfall patterns and
an increase in water demand these environmental influencers affect
our water supply, it is immensely important for households,
businesses and farmers to stay ahead by planning for alternative
water sources that can support their everyday needs. One of the
most successful solutions for an alternative water supply is a
borehole as it reduces the usage of portable water.
This step includes the
process of our team
installing a test pump and
evaluating it for a period
of time to determine the
lowering of the water level
in the borehole.
The final stage of borehole
drilling will depend on your
intended use of the water as
it will largely determine the
type of reticulation