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Borehole Water Treatment For Domestic And Commercial Use

When considering borehole water treatment for domestic or commercial use, it is crucial to purify the water that is mined from the ground. Whether your borehole supplies water to your home, industry, fruit or vegetable processing plant, the neighbourhood school, clinic, or hospital.

Biozone Manufacturing are manufacturers of Ozone technology. This makes our approach to sanitisation and disinfection extremely unique as we are able to eliminate bacteria on contact and without the need to constantly replenish expensive and harmful chemical equivalents. Ozone technology is completely eco friendly and is far more effective than any other form of disinfection methodology used in modern water filtration.

  • Borehole water treatment system
  • Borehole water treatment system
  • Borehole water treatment system

By making use of filtration and ozone technology. Biozone is able to provide a chemical free solution to safely sanitise your borehole water.

Biozone designs systems to be sturdy, reliable and as maintenance free as possible. By making use of ozone technology, we are able to eliminate bacteria and pathogens without the need for harsh chemicals and monthly consumables.

Biozone is able to tailor make a solution suited to your requirements. From small domestic applications to large commercial systems. Let Biozone take you off the grid. Giving you the peace of mind in using your water straight from the earth as nature intended!

How is borehole water treated?

Biozone will assess your water analysis and design a tailor made solution. Guaranteeing water that is safe to use, drink and that conforms to World Health Organization drinking water standards (WHO). Through a process of prefiltration, purification and ozonation we are able to transform your water to the highest quality possible.

Common issues found in borehole water in South Africa

Bacteria/ Ecoli/ Colliforms/ Heterotrophic plate count These bacteria’s are extremely common in borehole water. Caused by years of contamination and waste matter that seeps through the ground surface in into the underground water source or aquifers.
Heavy metals Heavy metals such as Iron are common in borehole water. Which are deposited from underground rock formations and/or aquifers. 
PH Levels It is quite common for borehole water to be not within the PH guideline. It could either be acidic or alkaline causing the water to be corrosive.
Total Hardness Total Hardness is the sum of the Magnesium and Calcium count in the water. Which causes scaling on most appliances within the home such as geysers/ kettles and taps.
Total dissolved Solids (TDS) / Sediment During the drilling process it is common for the borehole to have sediment or particles making their way up into the feed water.

Biozone Manufacturing’s Success Stories

Biozone has had honour of installing water treatment systems for many clients.

Helen Joseph Hospital Treatment Project

Biozone Manufacturing, and the Gift Of The Givers Foundation were appointed to provide a filtration system to substitute the hospitals municipal water supply. This borehole water treatment plant provides 60 000 liter’s per day of fresh, safe to drink water directly from the Earth into the hospital supply reservoir.

Gift Of The givers Ntsika Eastern Cape Treatment Project

Biozone Manufacturing designed, manufactured and installed a state of the art containerised water treatment plant . Another great humanitarian initiative funded by Gift Of The Givers. As a result, Ntsika now supplies thousands of people with clean, fresh safe to drink water in rural communities.

Motsepe Foundation Treatment Project

Throughout 2022, Biozone Manufacturing designed, manufactured and installed eleven water treatment plants around South Africa. Rural communities in Tzaneen, Limpopo, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape were fortunate to receive these systems that now provide water where there was none. Funded by the Motsepe Foundation. Biozone Manufacturing are extremely proud to be the preferred partner in water treatment.

Domestic Borehole Treatment Projects

Due to recent municipal water challenges in South Africa, many private homes are choosing to sink a borehole in order to be self sustainable. Biozone Manufacturing specialises in providing a tailor made water treatment system that guarantees fresh and safe to drink water in homes and businesses across South Africa.

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Biozone are proud members of the Borehole Water Association. Our certificate can be viewed here.