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Clean Water

The types of pollutants in the effluent, as well as the quality of the treated water, including its intended application, affect the choice of treatment technology. Direct or indirect, potable or industrial reuse uses are distinguished from one another. In order to remove and regulate contaminants as required, the best practice in water reuse projects uses a multiple barrier strategy.

Potable Water | Borehole Water | Process Water | Grey Water / Wastewater for reuse

Ozone Disinfection Technology

Biozone Manufacturing is the manufacturers of Ozone technology. This makes our approach to filtration and purification extremely unique as we are able to eliminate bacteria on contact and without the need to constantly replenish expensive and harmful chemical equivalents. Ozone technology is completely eco friendly and is far more effective than any other form of disinfection methodology used in modern water filtration.

Bottling | Potable Water | Borehole Water | Process Water | Grey Water / Wastewater for reuse

Desalination | Reverse Osmosis

Brakish Water 

Ion exchange and reverse osmosis are the two primary types of brackish water desalination technologies. The most popular and cost-effective method for desalinating waters with little salt is ion exchange. Due to its advantageous economics in the brackish water range, reverse osmosis technology now dominates this sector. 

Mine Water
It is a well known and tested process to remediate mine water so that drinkable water can be recovered. The bigger problem is figuring out how to efficiently use the salts that are left after being concentrated into a smaller brine stream. Biozone concentrates on environmentally friendly methods due to concerns about long-term legacy risks, space constraints associated with the construction of new brine ponds, and environmental protection.

Industrial Effluent

The industrial sectors that Biozone supports include, mining, power, petrochemical, steel, mineral, food & beverage and more. Water is essential to the numerous procedures used in each of these industries.

Unfortunately, because this processed water is frequently contaminated, it must be treated before being discharged or repurposed. In order to improve the quality of their process water for reuse in other parts of the plant, Biozone has supported a number of clients. In order to supply water to communities, processed water or contaminated effluent can also be treated to produce water that is fit for human consumption.


The waterbody begins to be turned over by the Nanobubbler improved aeration, which also speeds up the microbial decomposition of organic material in the water and pond/seabed silt. This procedure naturally enhances dissolved oxygen and decreases odor while decreasing the need for hazardous chemicals. The Nanobubbler eliminates the requirement for filtering, the use of dangerous chemicals, and even the potential need to treat water with chlorine before reintroducing it to ponds.

Some applications include:

-Cannabis Grow Houses
-Fish Farming
-Pond Restoration and many more.

Our promise to you

Since we’ve been in business for more than 25 years, we’ve seen it all, so you can be confident that our staff has the expertise to identify the underlying reasons for any untimely system failures. 

Biozone can help systems get better before they fail, preventing little issues from growing into larger ones. However, if a unit does have an early failure, Biozone will investigate the issue to identify the underlying reason and decide whether it can be fixed or if a new system design is required.

Biozone has extensive knowledge of air treatment system designs. Our engineering staff can evaluate both new and old designs to make sure they will function as optimally as possible without experiencing any kind of failure. By drawing on our expertise with ozone and machinery, we can offer a comprehensive, specialised air treatment solution to satisfy the particular needs of each customer. Additionally, our ozone equipment design team is accessible to offer advice as needed.

Biozone Manufacturing supports a vast sector of industries by providing solutions for their odour and decontamination needs. 

These industries include :

We provide our clients with customised service level agreements as well as preventative maintenance plans designed to consistently improve overall air quality. With these agreements in place, we schedule routine site visits to inspect the systems to see if any preventative maintenance might be necessary, to enhance system reliability.

Biozone technical staff are equipped to report on the following :

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Service Frequency 


Biozone Manufacturing can offer both onsite and depot repair services thanks to its highly qualified team of technicians. In order to be prepared to respond to any emergency that may arise, day or night, we maintain a fully supplied repair van that is on call around-the-clock.