Biozone Manufacturing

Harness Nature’s Technology to Fully Experience Healthy, Fresh, and Delicious Food

You can reduce the use of harmful chemicals from food storage and in the preparation of produce for long haul journeys.

By Harnessing Nature’s Technology, Ozone can be sure any food preparation, storage, and transport will keep the essence of your product and you’ll be able to deliver healthy, fresh food to tables. Remove any harmful elements to the food you eat and sell.

We can Harness Nature’s Technology focusing on food preparation, storage, and transportation. These are essential to getting healthy, fresh, and delicious food to your plate.

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What Ozone has to offer:

Food preparation, storage, and transportation solutions to keep food healthy, fresh and safe for consumption.

What Ozone can be used in:

Used in cold rooms or refrigerators as a gas

When mixing with water as an antibacterial or germicidal spray or rinse

In a working area or even washrooms to maintain pathogen free air – this is a simple yet necessary element for Health and Hygiene

Ethylene removal which extends the shelf-life of your product – NATURALLY

The Food Journey

Harness Nature’s Technology and you can remove the pesticides and herbicides used in the growing and production process

Ozone is an organic method of keeping your food fresh and delicious for longer without using any harmful chemicals

Ethylene removal can extend the shelf-life

Kill and control surface bacteria, mould, and viruses

Highlights of Rainforest Alliance in Food Growing and Processing

Ensuring the best clean organic practices in growing, preparing and storing foods

Real Life Case Study:
Yukon Farms


Yukon Farms in the Free State export baby carrots to Europe, HOWEVER, Lumarol was detected in the container produce upon arrival – therefore it was rejected


Lumarol is a herbicide which is essential in the growth process and it it’s not used, it could cause immense difficulties in growing a crop


Biozone was asked to provide an Ozone solution in the cold rooms which was done effectively, and Yukon was able to continue exporting comfortably, knowing that any traces of Lumarol were oxidised by the Ozone treatment

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cold storage disinfect


Using Ozone in Cold Storage dramatically reduces the potential for spreading germs from handling foods like meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. Microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and yeast that can grow in refrigerators, cause spoilage and decrease shelf-life.

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ozone organic food


Worried about chemicals and pesticides on your veges, fruit or meat…..or bugs in your processed food? You are not alone…hence the booming interest in organic food farming and processing.

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