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Aqueous Ozone Disinfectant

chemicals vs ozone

Chemicals vs Ozone

Soaps, sterilisers, dishwashing liquid, wipes, floor cleaners, laundry sanitisers, all kinds of chemicals used for the sake of sterilizing. Three of the worst chemicals used in household products are; Phthalates – Used for fragrance in air fresheners, cleaning liquids and dish soap and even in toilet paper. Triclosan – A synthetic antibacterial compound that is …

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ozone organic food

Ozone in the organic food industry

Ever wondered why fresh fruit and veges and even meat, especially overseas, appears to be bland and tasteless compared to home-grown food? Worried about chemicals and pesticides on your veges, fruit or meat…..or bugs in your processed food? You are not alone…hence the booming interest in organic food farming and processing. Any chemical free process …

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THE BENEFITS OF  OZONE FOOD RINSE AS AN ANTIMICROBIAL AGENT Aqueous Ozone For Bacteria Rinse works as a disinfectant, & is more effective than chlorine and leaves no residue harmful contaminants Ozone is a powerful antimicrobial agent that has numerous potential applications in the food industry because of its significant advantages over traditional antimicrobial agents …


Ozone Listeria Treatment and Inactivation

Ozone Listeria Control & Prevention Ozone can be used for the reduction, or elimination of L. monocytogenes on food products Listeriosis is caused by a species names of bacteria named  L. monocytogenes. This results in a serious infection caused by eating food contaminated with this strain. The disease can be deadly and will pose a greater risk to those …

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Ozone…Replace copper in the vineyard?

Simon Woolf – March 12, 2015 – Columns, Simon Woolf, Wine Science, Wine Spotlight When I first meet Dutch winemaker Stan Beurskens, I’ve already heard quite a bit about him. He’s one of very few Netherlands producers farming organically, he’s an interesting character, he likes to work with unusual grape varieties,and so forth. Our first exchange therefore baffles me: Me: “I …

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Ozone Water Rinse in Fresh Food

Ozone water rinse……what everyone should be using to rinse their fresh food…especially poultry and fish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEb2y0__8wU&t=221s Applications for ozone water rinse 1. Hand-washing disinfection 1) Applies in sectors of high demand on hygiene conditions (such as medical units, catering services, food processing, and beverage production, etc.). 2) Crowded public places (such as train stations, bus …

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Ozone Rinse in Paprika Surface Disinfection

Source National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science, RDA, Suwon 440706, Republic of Korea. [email protected] Abstract The role of different washing solutions and contact times was investigated to determine their use as potential sanitizers for maintaining the microbial quality and food safety of fresh-cut paprika. Samples were cut into small pieces, washed for both 90 …

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Ozone Applications In The Seafood Industry

Some fish processing plants recently have adopted the addition of ozone to all waters used throughout the plant for washing fresh fish, but also for sanitising processing equipment, workers clothing and boots, for making ice, and for washing drains at the end of the work day or shift. OZONE APPLICATIONS IN THE SEAFOOD INDUSTRY The …

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Ozone Controlling and Destroying Erwinia

OZONE CAN BE USED TO PREVENT ERWINIA DESTROYING FOUNDATION STOCK OR CROP Erwinia, a massive potential problem for hydroponics, greenhouses and nurseries in South Africa. WIKIPEDIA DESCRIPTION Erwinia is a genus of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria containing mostly plant pathogenic species which was named for the famous phytobacteriologist, Erwin Frink Smith. It contains gram-negative bacteria related to …

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