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chemicals vs ozone

Chemicals vs Ozone

Soaps, sterilisers, dishwashing liquid, wipes, floor cleaners, laundry sanitisers, all kinds of chemicals used for the sake of sterilizing.

Three of the worst chemicals used in household products are;

  • Phthalates – Used for fragrance in air fresheners, cleaning liquids and dish soap and even in toilet paper.
  • Triclosan – A synthetic antibacterial compound that is favorable for the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  • Quats – Used in fabric softeners which also favorable for the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

People use disinfectants every day to eradicate all the germs around them.

Did you know that these chemical compounds are toxic to humans?

An average house has about 62 toxins.

72,000 chemicals have been invented since World War II and only 2% have been tested for toxicity. Due to idiotic regulations we do not even know the exact composition of the chemicals we use as disinfectants. Moreover, there is no Federal regulation to chemicals in household products.

“In terms of household cleaners, neither ingredients nor products must meet any sort of safety standard nor is any testing data or notification required before bringing a product to the market”

The consequences of being exposed to such toxic chemicals are experienced by many individuals. Prolonged exposure to such chemicals;

  • Destroy the immune system
  • Kill your nervous system
  • Promote age-related degenerative diseases
  • Harm endocrine system
  • Ruin the liver
  • Disrupt the reproductive system
  • Affect the respiratory system
  • Damage the digestive system

These chemicals have also been found to be carcinogenic and teratogenic causing danger to both unborn children and ourselves. Similarly, these chemicals are responsible for antibiotic resistant bacteria that is disastrous for health.

The reason that these chemicals are readily absorbed into the body is due to the fact that human skin is very absorbent. Unlike the digestive system, where harmful materials are detoxified, skin absorption does not have any significant mechanisms to detoxify, so the chemicals are directly absorbed into the bloodstream. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that the skin absorbs an average of about 64% of the contaminants found in drinking water.

The Solution is Ozone….Mother Nature’s Miracle Purifier

Ozone is the most potent and versatile disinfectant that the world may have ever found. Ozone is effective on bacteria, fungi, mold, Candida, viruses and even on antibiotic resistant bacteria. 

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, formed by bonding of three oxygen atoms, it is a protector of earth. It forms a layer in the Earth’s stratosphere which does not allow the harmful UVC and UVB radiation which can cause sunburns and cancers. Notably, ozone can be protector inside our body too. It turns on NrF2, a healing switch, which starts the healing process as it increases the production of white blood cells, specifically macrophages. Macrophages are responsible for the natural passive immunity so your immunity level is enhanced.

It stimulates the healing and repair of tissues so you get a nicer skin and better hair growth. It also repairs your mucous membranes in your sinuses which disinfects it. Furthermore, it heals leaky gut and also kills off bacteria like Helicobacter pylori.

O3 Heals and Protects your body

Turns on NrF2 which is a healing response

Increases production of white blood cells and macrophages

Stimulates the rebuilding of tissue

Germicidal-Virucidal-Bactericidal..even antibiotic resistent bacteria can be killed with ozone

Fungicidal-inhibits candid,mould and many other pathogens

Disrupts the cell membrane of many pathogenic organisms.

How can we use ozone to disinfect our household items?

If you have any cupboards or surface areas which are moldy or smell musty, then washing it with ozone water will eliminate the issue. You can wash it with hot ozonewater as well as with cold ozone water. It eliminates bacteria, virus, fungi, mold, and even antibiotic resistant bacteria, so it will be 100% sterile, get rid of that old musty smell and stop poisoning yourself.

For laundry

You can wash the clothes in your house with ozonated water and stop the spread of pathogenic microbes/bacteria in your family. If you own a little hotel or airbnb, you can sterilise towels and other laundry so it will be safe for your customers. Ozonated water will be the perfect solution for sterilized laundry.

You can sterilise your clinic, your tables and chairs and everything associated with transmissions of diseases. You can even fix it in different ways to ensure practicability. You will even find it cost-saving when compared to using chemicals.

You can use ozone sterile laundry to wash your dishes, cutting boards that may be contaminated with remains of previously used food. It will be safe for your family and prevent foodborne diseases.

After preparing fish, chicken, dog food and other perishables you need to sterilise your workplace.