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Airzone Hotel Room Smoke Remover With Ozone


Airzone Room Smoke Remover With Ozone

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Having dedicated smoking rooms in an Hotel can be a costly exercise, however most hotel owners don’t realise that if someone has been smoking in a room or left any other smell for that matter, using a portable ozone generator will eliminate the source of the odour and not just mask the smell as a deodoriser will . That means that all rooms in an hotel can be smoked in!

Commonly, as a matter of course, the housekeeper will place the ozone generator in a room after cleaning and leave this there until they have cleaned the next room when  they will then move the generator to the next room.

Should the smell persist the ozone generator can be left for longer until all of the odour including those from the carpets, curtains etc. has been eliminated.

Additionally using an ozone unit in a room that has been closed up or empty for some time, especially in humid areas such as by the sea, the ozone gas will freshen up the room and remove that musky smell.

For a more permanent solution such as in a garbage or smoking area or smelly drain, a wall mounted unit can be sized and supplied.

In air conditioning ducting for example the presence of ozone will prevent the growth of mould, kill off pathogens and certainly stop any surface or air borne microorganisms from growing.