Biozone Manufacturing

Air Quality with Airzone

The Airzone Giai Air Purifier can either be wall or desk mounted. The combination of the Hepa filter and optional ozone technologies protects occupants from catching air borne diseases such as flu and tuberculosis and the ozone can be introduced whenever smells such as cigarettes smoke can be removed or sanitising of the room is necessary.

The Airzone Giai Air Purifier will cover an office area of 80 square metres

  • Removes smoke odours in the room or from clothing, furnishings and carpets
  • Kills bacteria, germs, viruses which are harmful to breathe, neutralising and removing micro-organisms from the air
    and surface.
  • Discourages dust mites, pet dander & cockroaches by killing the bacteria
  • Enriches the air with oxygen and a healthy negative ion to improve the indoor air quality improving health & alertness

 Airzone Hepa and Ozone Air Purifier combined in the Airzone Desktop or wall mounted Airzone Giai.