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Aquazone Ozone Generator Systems

Five Excellent Reasons to Buy Aquazone Ozone Generators

  1. South African Designed & Manufactured with Full Spares Inventory & Technical Support
  2. All Models use GetOzone’s own XCITE Technology with resilient Ozone Modules that can be dismantled and Repaired & Adjustable & Tuned Power Packs
  3. 2 year Warranty against Factory defect on XCITE Power Packs & Ozone Modules
  4. Ozone Sizing & Application Suitability Advice and Recommendations from Those who have been in the business for the last 25 years.
  5. Alternative Technology available Including UV & Electrolytic Ozone & Formidable Airzone Air Purification Products.

Apart from a large spare parts inventory we also stock and supply the full range of Oxygen PSA generators, ozone accessories including ozone-friendly piping, venturis, airstones, air dryers, ORP/Redox sensor controllers, ppm ozone test kits for water and air and ambient air monitors to ensure a safe operating environment.

Here are the detailed specifications of the small Industrial Aquazone Range


Check out the Aquazone Price List

Or watch the dismantling of the XCITE ozone tubes video to see how easy it is to clean or repair them

Dismantle and Clean the XCITE Ozone Tubes