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Ensuring Uninterrupted Water Supply for Your Business

Providing clean and purified drinking water in South Africa is essential for thriving domestic homes, offices, and communities. 

Bottled Water businesses are the backbone of this crucial service, but the persistent challenge of load shedding and power cuts can disrupt operations, leading to sales losses and inconvenience.  Recognising this pressing issue, Biozone Manufacturing has developed an innovative solution to ensure seamless bottled water provision, even during power outages.

Challenges Posed by Power Cuts

Water businesses in South Africa heavily rely on electricity to operate various processes, from purification to ozonation and dispensing. However, the frequent load shedding poses a significant threat to these operations.  External generators are commonly not allowed in locations like shopping malls, resulting in water pump and generator downtime that hampers sales and customer satisfaction.

Empowering Businesses with Resilience

Biozone Manufacturing presents a pioneering solution to address the challenges posed by load shedding – the Load Shedding Bottled Water Filling System. This ingeniously crafted system serves as a lifeline for bottled water businesses, offering a seamless backup solution that ensures uninterrupted water purification and dispensing, regardless of power disruptions.

Key Features and Benefits

Dedicated Tapping Point: A stainless steel tap table is modified to include a true tapping point exclusively for dispensing purified, ozonated water during load shedding, allowing businesses to continue serving customers without interruptions.

Instant Ozonation: Drawing water from the clean water tank, the system instantly ozonates it before dispensing at pressure, guaranteeing the delivery of fresh and purified water.

Automated Operation: Designed for ease of use, the system operates fully automatically. Opening the dedicated load-shedding tap triggers the activation of the pump and ozone generator, providing customers with on-demand purified and ozonated water.

Backup Power: The system is equipped with a pure sine wave inverter and a lithium battery pack, ensuring up to 4 hours of uninterrupted operation during load shedding. This feature is crucial for consistent service delivery.

Optimised Dispensing: With the capacity to deliver 300-400 litres per hour of ozonated water during load shedding, businesses can continue to meet customer demands seamlessly.

Ozone Generator: The system incorporates an ozone generator (0.4-0.7 ppm) and venturi, maintaining the quality and purity of dispensed water.

Battery Management: The system includes a low-voltage alarm, providing peace of mind as the battery depletes. It operates until the battery reaches its cut-off voltage, ensuring continuous business operations.

Additional Features for Enhanced Operations

Point of Sale (POS) and Thermal Printer Integration: Enhance the customer experience with a POS system and thermal printer that operate within the system’s power capacity, enabling seamless transactions.

Inkjet Printer Support: Accommodate inkjet printers (50 watts) with a duty cycle of 30%, maintaining essential documentation capabilities.

Custom Options: The system’s adaptable design allows integration with various dispenser tables, ensuring compatibility with your unique business setup.

Biozone Manufacturing is committed to providing innovative solutions that empower water businesses to thrive despite challenges like load shedding. Our Load Shedding Water System ensures you can continue serving your community with clean, ozonated water, regardless of power disruptions.

Embrace the future of water business operations with Biozone.

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