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Discover the powerful potential of ozone gas for tackling even the most stubborn smells and odors. In this blog, we’ll explore how ozone gas effectively neutralises unwanted scents, leaving your environment fresh and clean. Say goodbye to persistent odours with the science-backed solution of ozone gas!

Ozone gas instead of perfumed deodorants.

Unlike perfumes, which merely mask smells with a perfumed deodorant, ozone is an effective deodoriser as the ozone gas will oxidise the source of the smell.

For example, an ozone system applied in a hotel ablution facility will smell of nothing, whilst a perfumed deodorant smell will provide a “perception” of cleanliness where the underlying cause of the smell remains. 

For example, if carrying an ozone generator, a wildlife photographer or hunter will have no smell to frighten off wild game.

Furthermore, ozone gas sanitises/sterilises/ oxidises surface and airborne contaminants and bacteria.

Ozone gas can be generated at ground level by simulating “ lightning” in a box.

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Ozone generators can be found in hotels worldwide, where the housekeeper’s trolley will invariably have an ozone generator to eliminate odours.

Areas where ozone gas is regularly used to kill smells. 

  1. Cigarette smoke
  2. Garbage/refuse areas
  3. Liftwell
  4. Reception
  5. Sewage smells
  6. Human scent photographers, hunters, bow hunters
  7. Human scent
  8. Kitchen smoke/odours..exhaust ducts, drains
  9. Vehicles, ambulance, truck cabinet, refrigerated trucks, containers
  10. Pungent mould, musty smells
  11. Abbatoirs, tanneries
  12. Crime scenes
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Tobacco’s imprint lingers on indoor surfaces in rooms where smoking occurs regularly.


The leftover residues, known as thirdhand smoke, can be a long-term source of indoor pollutants. Carpets are an incredibly potent and difficult-to-clean reservoir of tobacco and other contaminants.

Particles and Pathogens

Living and sleeping rooms are magnets for millions of particles and pathogen agents carried by air, people, and animals in today’s bustling world. 

Unpleasant odours get absorbed by fabrics, while bacteria and allergens find their way into stitching, making every square centimetre of a room a thriving habitat for hundreds of different types of bacteria.

Portable Ozone Generators

Ozone generator machines present a simple and robust solution for sanitising hotel rooms. These machines can effectively eliminate more than 99% of germs and bacteria, surpassing the efficacy of traditional cleaning methods.

The most common complaints in the hospitality sector ranked second after excessive noise, are foul smells lingering from previous occupants.

In today’s digital age, social media feedback significantly influences the hospitality industry, especially regarding the cleanliness of guest rooms. Potential customers no longer need to physically visit a hotel to decide whether to book or not. 

Back in 2012, a Laterooms report disclosed that 90% of travellers avoided booking hotels that had received negative labels like “unclean” or “dirty” in reviews.

Biozone/Airzone OdoGo Portable Air Purifiers

Having dedicated smoking rooms in a Hotel can be a costly exercise. However, most hotel owners don’t realise that if someone has been smoking in a room or left any other smell, using a portable ozone generator will eliminate the source of the odour and not just mask the scent as a deodoriser will. 

That means that all rooms in a hotel can be smoked in!

Commonly, as a matter of course, the housekeeper will place the ozone generator in a room after cleaning and leave it there until they have cleaned the next room, when they will then move the generator to the next room.

Should the smell persist, the ozone generator can be left for longer until all of the odour, including those from the carpets, curtains, etc., has been eliminated.

Additionally, using an ozone unit in a room that has been closed up or empty for some time, especially in humid areas such as by the sea, the ozone gas will freshen up the room and remove that musky smell.

A wall-mounted unit can be sized and supplied for a more permanent solution, such as in a garbage or smoking area or smelly drain.

In air conditioning ducting, for example, ozone will prevent mould growth, kill off pathogens and certainly stop any surface or airborne microorganisms from growing.

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