Biozone Manufacturing

Ozone Removes Pet Smells

Identifying the Smell

Is the aroma of your pets “normal” or accepted by yourself, and the way you live, but bothersome to others? If you are dealing with one or many odors from your loving pets or from a previous home owners pet, ozone is the way to go. Ozone can destroy those odors and create a comfortable living environment that is suitable for all visitors.

  • Does the odor make you tear up? If yes – more than likely its urine
  • Is the odor a strong stale odor? If yes – more than likely its on the lines of feces or vomit
  • Does the odor smell like death? More than likely your pet brought in something dead.
  • Old dander odors from pets.

Odor Elimination

Urine: Many steps need to be taken in this case.

If the floor underneath is an old, covered up wood floor (yet shows future potential of salvage) the floor should be sanded and coated with polyurethane, applied as a thick layer coating.

O3 Monitors/Sensors/detectors When using a High level Output of Ozone, an Ozone monitor/sensor is highly recommended in controlling safe re-entry of the affected area.

  • Locate where the odor is the strongest.
  • Pull the carpet back carefully and check if the backing, pad, and underlayment flooring is stained.
  • Cut out and patch in a new underlayment of the same thickness.
  • Remove the damaged carpet pad area by cutting away the stained pad a couple inches wider than the actual stain.
  • Replace the pad with the same thickness and density as possible, preventing a raised area of the carpet, which could be a future safety hazard.
  • Stained and odor areas, need to be cleaned, deodorized and sanitized with special attention prior to the process of deep down cleaning the entire carpeting.
  • The odor has penetrated into the paint, wall paper, wood, all porous parts of the dwelling or removable contents and should be shocked with a high level of Ozone