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Ozone In Swimming Pools


Go top this link for FAQ’s for ozone in Pools  https://www.biozone.co.za/faq-ozone-in-pools/

GetOzone offer the Aquazone Range of Atmospheric Air fed Corona Ozone Generators which are ideal for Residential and larger swimming pools. The Aquazone Basic units  have no Flow metre or Air driers which are included in the Aquazone Advanced range.

Why Ozone?

Ozone  works 3000  times faster  and is 1.5 times  stronger than chlorine  so is a very effective  replacement for chemicals without  the harmful effects of chlorine. The  water in a properly ozonated pool will  taste or smell similar to rain water with  no chemical or other taints.

Better Disinfectant

Ozone disinfects pools faster and better than chlorine systems. When 0.1mg/L of ozone is in contact with bacteria E. coli, it will be completely destroyed it in less than 12 seconds.

Increased Comfort

Chlorine can be uncomfortable and even salt systems have the potential to irritate the skin, eyes, and airways of bathers. With ozone there is no strong residual chlorine odour, skin and eyes are not irritated, and bathers with respiratory issues are able to breathe freely and without issue.

Enhanced Water Quality

When ozone is applied to pool water, a process called “micro flocculation” occurs forcing many of the organic contaminants in the swimming pool to group together and easily filtered out by the ozone resistant sand filter. ( Preferably Glass media rather than sand)..

  • Destroys 99.9% of Harmful Contaminants
  • Oxidizes Cryptosporidium parvum, Giardia, and Other Chlorine Resistant Microorganisms
  • Reduces Chemical Demand
  • Increases Effectiveness of Residual Sanitizers
  • Eliminates Chemical Odours, Irritations, and Will Not Damage Pool Systems

Why not ozone

  • Ozone has no residual life so minimum circulation times have to be adhered to.
  • Initial Capital cost is high as a once off cost
  • Regular backwash and inspection is a must.

You will need

Basic Ozone Generator

Basic Ozone Generator

Swimming Pool Ozone 50 mm venturi
Swimming Pool Ozone 50 mm venturi
Contact Chamber ( to mix the ozone gas with the water) Optional
Contact Chamber ( to mix the ozone gas with the water) Optional


  Aquazone 1G Basic/Adv Aquazone 3.5 G Basic/Adv Aquazone 5 G Basic/Adv Aquazone 10 G Basic/Adv
Voltage 220 220 220 220
Mgs/ozone on dry air 800-1000 3000-4000 5000 1000
Power watts 30-35 60-70 90-100 150-160
Pool size ( litres) Up to 10000 10 to 30000 30 to 50000 50 to 100000