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Biozone Manufacturing - Supporting Ushaka Marine World since 2005.

Ozone systems support uShaka Marine World’s life since 2005.

There’s nothing more alluring and inviting than a crystal-clear swimming pool, but have you ever put thought into the chemicals used to maintain those conditions? In many circumstances, swimming pools are public facilities such as municipal pools or public pools used in hospitality. In order to maintain these pools, large doses of chlorine are added to the water on a regular basis which can have continuous and dangerous effects on regular swimmers. This is due to the harmful, deleterious and potential carcinogenic effects of chlorine.

An Olympic swimmer would not dare to swim in a heavily chlorinated pool and parents dread the potential risk of pink eye or skin problems associated with chlorine, however, all of these negative effects can be avoided by entering the world of ozone. With the correct application of
ozone, the water will be crystal clear whilst tasting and smelling like fresh rainwater, minimising risks that go hand-in-hand with chlorine. When ozone is used in water with inhabitants, fish and plants will revel and thrive in the oxygenated water. A noticeable difference between chlorine and ozone is that ozone has to be continuously added to water due to its short half-life as it reverts to oxygen after 20 minutes, unlike chlorine where dosing can occur as far apart as one week in domestic pools.

A well-known, effective and continuous dosage of ozone is essential in aquariums or fish farms (aquaponics) for what is referred to in aquaponics as ‘Life Support’ systems. Oxygen-fed ozone that is combined with efficient protein skimmers and dosed continuously at a desired ppm (parts per million or milligrams per litre) has the ability to maintain fresh crystal clear water in which fish, other aquatic life and underwater plants can thrive. When you introduce ozone to your water systems, skin lesions, algae proliferation and other debilitating diseases become a thing of the past.

A perfect example of successful ozonated water is at uShaka Marine World in KwaZulu Natal where ozone systems supplied by Biozone Manufacturing have been providing “Life support” assistance since 2005. Continuous operation with oxygen-fed ozone systems controlled by ORP (oxygen redox potential) monitors and controllers maintain a healthy environment for the aquarium world. Ozone is used as the primary disinfectant in multispecies marine and freshwater systems as its high oxidation-reduction potential is the most effective disinfectant method that can be utilised. The use of deaeration equipment ensures that no damaging residual ozone seeps back into the systems by manipulating the saturation of the gas in the water. This is the way in which aquariums can make room for mammals and fish to live comfortably in the same water. Without an active re- residual in the water, the health of the water animals is maintained while the bacteria from animal waste is controlled and monitored.

In today’s world, specialised equipment is designed to produce ozone with concentrations of six-to-10 times greater ozone capacity than 10 years ago. The use of ozone equipment in the aquarium market guarantees reliability, increased performance, and improved well-being for
people, animals and plant life. Biozone Manufacturing is a manufacturer of specialised ozone equipment, making our approach to sanitisation and disinfection immensely unique as we are able to eliminate bacteria on contact without the need to constantly replenish expensive and harmful chemical equivalents. Ozone technology is completely environmentally friendly and far more effective than other forms of disinfection used in modern water filtration.

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