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The influence of Clean Water on Agriculture

The influence of clean water cannot be emphasised enough, it goes beyond quenching thirst and improving health and wellness. It extends to areas that many fail to consider, such as sustainable food sources. 

 Access to adequate food depends heavily on natural resources like clean water, especially in rural areas. Communities that lack a source of clean water are most likely to face challenges when it comes to fresh safe produce. Essentially, access to clean water means access to food security.

However, the impact that clean water has on agriculture extends further than its role in sustaining crops. Sustainable clean water makes it possible to raise livestock, and keep them healthy and free from water-borne illnesses. In fact, according to the International Conference of Agricultural Economists, about 36% of farm households are engaged in livestock-keeping, and 35% as crop-livestock mix farmers. In areas that lack a clean water source, farmers and communities have to rely on unpredictable and infrequent rain in order to collect clean water. For the rest of the time, sadly these families and their crops depend on dirty, polluted water.

The unsafe use of contaminated sources of water, especially from wastewater, in agriculture can lead to the accumulation of microbiological and chemical pollutants in crops, livestock products, soil and ultimately severe health impacts among exposed food consumers and farm workers. It may also exacerbate antimicrobial resistance. If adequately treated and safely applied, however, wastewater can be a valuable source of both water and nutrients and thereby contribute to food security and livelihood improvement.

How the Biozone team can assist:

Decrease In Use of Synthetic Chemicals

Agriculture ozone treatment contributes to a decrease in the use of synthetic chemicals. Ozone treatment allows you to administer ozone in a different way without harming the quantity or quality of food produced. Biozone Manufacturing has more than twenty-five years of experience providing custom solutions for clients seeking reliable solutions for their farms.

Complete Eradication Of All Pathogens

Ozone will enable the complete eradication of all pathogens in your water. Since just oxygen from the air is used in the ozone treatment of water, there is less need for potentially harmful chemicals. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise required to offer a variety of engineering and maintenance services that are specifically catered to your requirements.

Agriculture Treatment Ozone Design

Biozone’s team has deep expertise working with systems as a whole. Evaluating how to best incorporate all Ozone requirements into a single system. Modern air and water treatment methods are provided by Biozone with the goal of maintaining clean water quality as well as air quality. Additionally, cleaning and sanitising empty spaces, objects, and containers.

The Biozone team is on a mission to harness nature’s technology and offer high-quality products and aftermarket services for air/water system requirements. Biozone also offers design-build solutions for clean air & water processing through Biozone Manufacturing Systems.

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