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The advantages of nanotechnology for water treatment

Even though access to clean drinking water should be a basic human right, an increasing number of regions face challenges with a lack of safe drinking water resources. No matter where the water source is from,  there are still concerns for the quality of that water that can cause major health concerns. Quality is affected by bacteria contaminants, taste, environmental issues, and odour. Clean water is essential for every human being, not only for the purpose of drinking but also for agriculture and animal care. There are many reasons for wanting to purify water and whilst there are various methods in which to do so, some methods are more effective than others. The Biozone team of trusted experts are here to guide you and ensure that your water is always safe, sustainable, and free from contaminates. 

There are many water purifiers available in the market which use different techniques like boiling, filtration, distillation, chlorination, sedimentation, and oxidation. Nanotechnology plays a vital role in water purification techniques, this is the process of manipulating atoms on a nanoscale. In nanotechnology, nanomembranes are used for the purpose of softening water and removing contaminants such as physical, biological, and chemical contaminants. There is a variety of techniques in nanotechnology that uses nanoparticles for providing safe drinking water with a high level of effectiveness. When it comes to purifying water and treatment processes nanotechnology is highly recommended as it is useful in regard to remediation, desalination, filtration, purification, and water treatment. Advocates of nanotechnology suggest that this area of research could contribute to solutions for some of the major problems we face on a global scale such as ensuring a supply of safe drinking water for a growing population, as well as addressing issues in medicine, energy, and agriculture.

Introducing the Nanobubbler

Biozone’s Nanobubber makes use of the latest advances in nanotechnology to supply safe water without the use of harsh chemicals, ensuring that your water remains high-quality.

When you use this method of purification, the waterbody begins to be turned over by the Nanobubbler improved aeration, which also speeds up the microbial decomposition of organic material in the water and pond/seabed silt. This procedure naturally enhances dissolved oxygen and decreases odour while eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals. The Nanobubbler disregards the requirement for filtering, the use of dangerous chemicals, and even the potential need to treat water with chlorine before reintroducing it to ponds. Some applications of the Nanobubbler include cannabis grow houses, agriculture, hydroponic, fish farming, and aquaculture. Pond restoration and many more. 

Did you know that the current coverage of access to safe drinking water is estimated at only 54% of South Africa’s population? As humans, we all deserve access to clean and chemical-free water, the Biozone team is here to ensure that this becomes a reality, through harnessing Natures Technology 

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