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Ozone Car and Vehicle Deodorising

Ozone Removes Smoke Smells From a Car

The smell of Nicotine in a vehicle can be irritating and a hard sell to non smokers. The aroma of most burning illegal drugs has a relatively similar odour. Ozone gas introduced in to the car kills the smell quickly

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  • First, the upholstery/Fabric & carpets of the whole vehicle should be shampooed.
  • After all fabric is dry, an ozone generator with the capabilities of attaching a 4 inch vent hose to it should be used to duct in deodorizing ozone.
  • The ozone process should be left unattended for up to a 24 hour period depending on the level of ozone being produced from the generator and its capable output.
  • After this process is finished, open up the doors or all windows for fresh air replacement, for at least 45 minutes. Upon return, evaluate the vehicle for lingering smoke odor. If there is a lasting smoke odor repeat the process for another treatment.

Problem Example:

The vehicle had: an engine fire, an electrical fire etc. Whatever did burn, left an odor that is difficult to locate & defeat.


Car Ozone
  • With an auto fire, the vehicle is so compact that the heat from the fire probably heated up the plastic ductwork close to it. If the ductwork became hot, that odor will never come out of the plastic. So that source will have to be replaced first.
  • Once everything is replaced that needs to be, the next step is to duct in ozone from an ozone generator that a 4 inch flexible vent can be attached to. By ducting in through the window you are going to be more successful than putting the ozone generator inside the vehicle. When ducting in through the window the extra opened area needs to be covered so the ozone will only be forced to travel through the vent system.
  • Once the vehicle has been replaced with fresh oxygen, a residual odor might be left. If you desire to get rid of this odor quickly, all it takes is a damp wipe down of the interior fabric. Otherwise, a waiting period of up to 24 to 48 hours will be sufficient time for the Ozone smell to dissipate. Ozone is the powerful deodorizing answer.https://www.biozone.co.za/airzone/